Mental & Physical Reset!

So…last Sunday (10/15/22) I started a program called 75 hard. Details in a bit. The 75 day program was created by Andy Frisella. Frisella is an entrepreneur and podcaster who is big on foundational business principals, self development, mental toughness, physical fitness, and ‘Merica. Please note…his views of most things line up with mine…BUT the language he uses might be a bit too much for sensitive ears. He’s very passionate about what he believes in and is happy to call out people who attempt to take advantage of the people, the principals, and the country he loves…and that comes through in his colorful verbiage. With that being said, you don’t have to listen to him (ever) to participate in the #75Hard program. He created the program to encourage and build mental toughness…something that he believes is missing in America today (as do I). He believes that the man of the household has gotten softer, lazier, and out of touch with his family duties and that the “grit and determination” that once existed in the American male (and female) has been replaced with “an easiness to give up and let somebody else do it” mindset. Hence…he created 75 Hard.

The 75 Hard Program forces the person participating in the challenge (me) to mentally and physically change his/her life…form the inside out. It builds routine, which is something I like but unfortunately have turned from. I used to be extremely structured and routine oriented…but when you have kids, their routines become a priority and our routines take a back seat.

The program also forces you to hold yourself accountable. In fact, there are quite a few daily steps to the program, and if you “cheat” (we’ll cover what cheating is in a minutes) you have to start the program back on Day 1! Now you could easily keep going as if the “cheat” never happened…but you’d know deep down that you actually failed. This drives me (and those like me) to do my best and to do every aspect of the program so that I don’t have to start over. Many in today’s society will “cheat” and go about their day…not phased by the fact that not only have they let others down…they’ve let themselves down…and that’s a huge problem in today’s society. If integrity and ethics are not part of your mindset…then this program probably is not for you.

The program was also designed to get you back on track in the area of health. There is a daily “workout” portion of the program AND there is a daily dietary requirement. If you stick to these essential parts of the program, then after 75 days are up…you’ll definitely be in the “habit” of eating healthier and making room for exercise on a daily basis.

SO…let’s get into the details of 75 Hard! There are 8 Parts to the daily challenge and they are as follows:

  1. You must complete two 45 Minute Workouts (any workout of your choosing).
  2. One of the 45 minute workouts must be outdoors!
  3. You must follow a diet (any diet…it doesn’t matter what kind).
  4. You must drink 1 gallon of water.
  5. You must read 10 pages of a self help/non-fiction book.
  6. You must take a Progress Selfie each day.
  8. and NO CHEAT MEALS (if you break any of these rules…back to Day 1)!

That’s it! Sounds easy right? Well…we’ll see. Keep coming back for progress reports AND to keep up with what other things God is walking me through! I know it will be hard (it’s not called 75 Hard for nothing), and I know there’s no way I can complete it on my own…but God can!

Blessings, ~Mitch

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