Trying To live Healthy: Gray Chest Hair; Anniversary; Ab Work; The Guns!

What’s up people? Day 24! New hair cut, shaved, looking nice.

Ooof! Gray hair on the chest. That’s concerning.

Day 24 and both workouts are in the book. It’s roughly 9am.

Today I got a full day of stuff! We’re doing three days worth of 26th anniversary celebration.

So I want to get everything in the morning done…or my two workouts done in the morning, so I did one around 5am and then started this one around 8am(ish).

So yeah, both workouts are done (inside workout and outside workout).

I did an inside workout for the first workout this morning… I didn’t walk outside that early because I didn’t want to get run over by car.

So I just did some ab work inside for the first workout….lower body.

Came outside for the second workout and did all strength upper body…you know…work on “the guns”.

I have half of my water intake done… it’s only 9am y’all!. I got 10 pages of my book read. It’s a great book, Tending The Fire, go check it out. It’s amazing!

quiet time with God is good…really good! Hope y’all’s is too!

It’s gonna be a good day.

I will see y’all tomorrow. God bless!

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