Healthy Habits: Courtney Down; Cantaloupes; Worshipping God; Fiddle Playing

We are out at the farmers market. Actually we hit two of them today. We hit the one in Round Rock, Texas and the one in Lakeline mall in Cedar Park. We got a lot of meat…a lot of meat, got tons of vegetables too

Anyway, we got a lot of groceries. And actually I am waiting for Courtney. She went into the store to get a cantaloupe, cuz I gotta have my cantaloupe and we didn’t see any at the farmers markets.

Really cool announcement today…Courtney is now 15 pounds down in the three and a half to four weeks that she’s been “going healthy. She does her one workout a day, she is reading a self help book too, she is dieting also…although…is what we’re doing really a diet?

It’s just that we’re watching our caloric intake. I mean…I was eating 3400 calories a day and now I’m doing 2000 Sometimes a little over…sometimes a little under, but I’m trying to stay in that 2000-2200 range. And then I’m walking twice a day she’s walking once a day.

So proud of that girl. 15 pounds down…and again it’s only been three and a half weeks since she started her health journey.

Obviously her diet changed when my diet changed because for us to eat like we were eating and and also eat healthy like this was going to be expensive, so she opted to go for the healthy diet. Which, honestly, since we’ve been married, she’s always eaten fruits and vegetables and things like that so she loves it…proud of that girl.

It’s June 9, day 56 of 75 Hard…really a 56 of our overall lifestyle change. It’s been going great loving shopping at the farmers markets, It’s a blast. There’s so much stuff there that I would like to buy…but I really can’t…not right now. The Cedar Park farmers market had empanadas…guy making them right there. Y’all come on now. Filled with fruit…YUMMY!

FYI…Update coming soon about 75 Hard being “over”.

Read some amazing stuff in my book today. I’m gonna post about it later, but the gist is…we need to stop studying God and we need to start worshiping God! it’s one thing to to know about God but it’s it’s more important that we know God. I think that is so important in today’s age that we just stop studying him so much. He’s amazing God! We can study about God and “get wise”, but the wise…not always the smartest.

We got to start worshipping God because he’s an awesome God. He deserves to be worshipped. He created us He created everything. He’s amazing.

My salvation is what Jesus is…my salvation and he deserves to be worshipped! Studied a bit….worshipped all the time. So that that’s the Word for today.

It’s gonna be a great day. It’s a Saturday afternoon in our hometown. There is a fiddle Festival, it’s actually a music festival, but in the afternoon they always have fiddle players come out. That’s my music….my people. So happy to see that afternoon. Looking forward to that!

Y’all have a blessed day. I will see you next time…Peace!

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