Book Review: The Warrior Soul


If you are a history buff (like me) or a veteran/current enlisted military…you’ll love this book.

It dives into some of the greatest battles in American history. And it walks the reader through how God showed up in those battles to advance the cause of Christianity.

The authors , Jerry Boykin and Stu Webber, also lay out God’s plan for the Christian and how our walk in this world is mor like a soldier with the heart of a warrior instead of an observer. We must be willing, ready, and able to enter the fight against Satin and his war of destruction against all that is good and holy!

The authors themselves have each been a part of some of the greatest battles in American history (boots on the ground as American soldiers), and they prove without a shadow of a doubt that God was present in the battles they experienced, even in the midst of death, and He is still present in the battlefield of life!

Do yourself a solid and read this book! It is well worth the read!

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