Healthy Living Rocks: Wife Is An Even Bigger Loser; Farmers Market With Friends; Restoration Of Self

Weight update for Courtney and I (in case you missed it Sunday). I’m down 77.6 AND Courtney is down 21 (well…one ounce away).

Overall, we’re doing great! Feeling great! Our summer is almost over and we both report back to work in 2 weeks…WAH!!!

I’m still reading Mansfield’s Book of Manly Men…and it’s still AWESOME! Yesterday’s reading was over the importance of restoration in a man’s life. No matter how bad we’ve been or how bad we’ve had it…we need to restore our relationships with others and ask to be forgiven if necessary.

Restoration makes us stronger. Let God in on the situation. Let Him help you restore yourself in the eyes of family, friends, and community.

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