What The Heck Is Student Like A Boss

What Is Student Like A Boss? Student Like A Boss is a process of creating fun and easy designs. I teach the “Joy of Shapes” method of design that I created in my Middle School and High School Graphic Design and Technology Applications classes. Students take basic and complex everyday shapes and create awesome and fun designs. Mitch was looking for a fun and easy way for students of all ages to learn how to create various clip art style designs. He honed his craft, and over the year, he’s taught thousands of students this process. After students learn to design, Mitch teaches them how to open online stores and sell the designs they create on products like t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, pillows, bedspreads, and hundreds of other “merch” products.

After years of teaching graphic design to my students, I started focusing on getting parents involved and making the Student Like A Boss experience a family affair. Now I, along with my beautiful and talented wife Courtney, create fun, easy, and educational classroom experiences that teachers and parents can pass along to their students.

Why Was The Student Like A Boss Curriculum Created? The Student Like A Boss curriculum was created in my classroom in an effort to help students and their families learn awesome and fun graphic design skills AND create a way to bring in much needed income.  

While teaching in an inner city school in Texas, I quickly noticed that there were student who were not completing homework and who seemed extra tired each and everyday.  With a little bit of research and questioning, I discovered that a large portion of my middle and high school students were having to work after school (sometimes multiple jobs) OR babysit their siblings while mom and dad worked late and just didn’t have time to complete my homework (or other teachers homework) and/or get much sleep before the following school day. 
IT WAS TOTALLY EYE OPENING, and their stories broke me heart!

I Immediately began developing a curriculum in my Technology and Graphic Design classes that would teach basic graphic design and business/marketing skills. I was determined to offer the students and their families a way to make extra income.

After a few years of fine tuning, I began to notice that not only were economically challenged students doing really well, but students from all socioeconomic backgrounds were finding success.  Their creative talents were growing, they were learning business skills, learning the importance of good character as they interacted with customers, gaining confidence, and students and their parents were having fun creating designs and offering them to their global customer base. AND…parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles were wanting to learn how to start an online business too.

With help from my wife, Courtney (also a teacher…and also VERY creative), I spent the next 6 years designing and perfecting a curriculum that would benefit students and their families.  The result… Student Like A Boss.

After awesome success in the classroom, we’ve decided it’s time to offer everything we’ve learned to the world. We want to get our curriculum into the hands of teachers and parents all over the globe. Why? Because we want to see students and families succeed! We want to help students tap into their God-given creativity, and grow stronger together!

As parents, we understand the stresses involved with raising children in a world of pandemics, economic stress, and social/emotional issues. We want to make life more fun for all students, and helping them develop useful skills and create an avenue of side income that has the potential to impact their lives in a positive way! Our current video lesson library has TONS of lessons…and it is constantly growing. So whether your a Technology teacher looking for an awesome curriculum for your classroom, an English teacher wanting lesson plans that teach your students how to create a children’s book, a family looking for a fun new hobby/pastime, a Homeschool teacher looking for a fun and exciting technology based curriculum to use with your homeschool classroom, OR you just want your child to learn the importance of being self confident, creative, and tech savvy…WE WANT TO HELP YOU!

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