Google Drawings Basics

People are always quick to ignore the value of tools that are free and available anytime…anywhere! My student don’t learn how to create amazing digital art on fancy (and expensive) design platforms that most everyone else uses. We build our graphic design skills through Google free application called “Google Drawings”.

Originally intended for use as a diagramming tool, I’ve learned how to make Google Drawings so much more. I have students who go on to higher level graphic design classes whose teachers contact me to tell me thank you for creating awesome designers who are far and away above the skill levels of students coming into upper level programs from other schools. Most of my students can do more with Google Drawings than other students can do with fancy high priced design software.

The desire to help students learn on a platform that is free and easily available stems from my time in an East Austin school where I taught students who could not afford to pay a monthly fee for digital art software OR pay a large upfront cost of hundreds (or thousands) of dollars for operating systems, programs, and/or bundled software. I don’t want there to be any roadblocks for students (and their families) who want to learn a lifelong skill AND make some side income to better their way of life.

We believe Google Drawings (especially the way we teach it) has the potential to unlock creativity, build confidence, and help develop students and families into amazingly productive folks who are beneficial to their community…and the world!

Mitch and Courtney Fairchild, Founders

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