Health And Fitness Baby: New Walking / Hiking Trail; Sunday Weigh In; Produce Stands; Amazing Food

Howdy everybody!
We’re walking the beautiful… actually we just discovered these trail.
This is the Rabb House… Brushy Creek Trail at the Rabb House in beautiful Round Rock, Texas. It’s is amazing. It’s beautiful.
Sadly, we never knew this thing existed. It’s awesome.

Today is a weigh-in day…it is Sunday. As of today, I am down 81.8 pounds since May 15. So that’s huge.
Books and reading are going great. Love them. I’m almost finished with my fourth book in just as much time (since May 15). So as a dyslexic that’s pretty good. Because I typically don’t like to read. These books are amazing. So I look forward to continuing to read even after I finish this little portion of our health journey.

Water intake is going great. Yep!

Everything else is going really good.

If you get a chance and you’re in the Round Rock area, look for…oh, I can hear the baseball game at the Dell Diamond too. So we’re pretty close to that. If you’re in the area and you’re looking for a place to walk or hike, The Brushy Creek Trail at The Rabb House is really nice. Like this is a blessing!

I totally forgot today was going to be a farmers market day. But what we thought was a farmers market was not a farmers market. It was more like art and jewelry and stuff. So we ended up going to our local produce stand which we love. Eli’s produce…if you’re in the Round Rock area…Eli’s produce on 79…amazing, amazing produce.

Got some really good food. So we had some fresh green beans. We had purple hill peas. We had pork loin. And we had mini new potatoes baby potatoes. YUMMY!

So, if you can’t find a farmers market, or they’re closed for some reason… go find your local produce stand… they’re just as good.

Until next time…Peace!

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