75 Hard DONE! So…What’s Next; Lifelong Fitness Goals

Holy Cow, WOW! #75hard has been a #blessing! An extremely hard, #bloody, limit testing blessing! I can’t say enough how important it was for me to count on #God through the whole experience. ‘Cause if it’s been up to me and my sometimes defeatists #attitude…i’d given up in the first week.

But I was #determined to put my #faith in God through the #challenge and #trust in His #strength to carry me through…and that strategy paid off.

So what’s next? The same thing I’ve been doing for another 15 days!!!
Why? Because I want to make sure the #healthy #habits I picked up in the 75 Hard challenge STICK!

Oh…and Courtney is down another pound bringing her total amount of weight lost to 23 POUNDS! So #proud of that #girl!

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