Healthy Lifestyle Update (7-31-22): Y’all Rock!; Eat Healthy and Exercise; Encouragement; Eye Boogers; Chivalry

When we start living a healthy lifestyle, we begin to bring physical health, mental well-being, and spiritual growth into balance. For Courtney and I, the journey thus far (78 days) has been fun, rewarding, challenging, sometimes painful, but so worth it!

A big part of our success so far has been y’all! You’ve encouraged us…inspired us…and given us a chance to talk all things healthy living. And because of that, we are grateful.

We understand that without God’s strength and guidance, in addition to your words, posts, and messages of encouragement, we would not have had as much success in the areas of mental shift, focus, weight loss, nutrition (healthy eating), and farmers market finds!

Y’all are incredibly amazing friends, and we look forward to our continuing journey together as we progress down the road to a better life for all of us!

~Mitch & Courtney

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