Healthy Lifestyle Routines: New Walking / Hiking Trail; Brushy Creek; Hidden Gem!

Courtney and I stumbled across a hidden gem on the outskirts of Leander, Texas! It’s not a long trail…maybe 2 miles, but it’s fun, great scenery, and shaded…tons of overhead trees!

In our quest to find fun places to workout, we are going to start documenting our discoveries and sharing them with y’all! So many of you have asked where you can go to workout in cooler shadier places…and we’re actively looking.

We also want to share all the cool places we walk that might be a little warmer (especially in summer) but worth the trip! Who knows, we might just make this our new life. Traveling across America to find awesome walking trails where we can get our 45 minute walks in…two teachers trippin’! I’m so hashtaging that!


You heard that here first!!!

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~Mitch & Courtney

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