Yummy Healthy Sides Are The foundation Of A Complete Delicious Meal: Fresh Produce Rocks!

When it comes to eating healthy and creating a sustainable healthy diet, not enough can be said about the yummy sides we choose for our breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals.

As we meal prep for the week, the side dishes are just as important as the main course. The fresh veggies should enhance the nutritional value of the meal, fulfill your appetite, and of course…BE DELICIOUS!

So…when we make our weekly trips to the farmers markets or roadside produce stands, we go with a plan. Not only are we purchasing awesome beef, chicken, and pork meats for the main dish, we are looking to see what awesome vegetables and fruits the vendors are offering that will pair well with that main dish.

This week, take a trip to your local farmers market, produce stand, or sustainable grocery store (I.e. Aldi, Sprouts) and start thinking SIDE DISHES!

Until the next video, have a blessed day!

~Mitch & Courtney

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