Healthy Living Goals: Weigh-In; Finally Hit Goal 1; Wife Down! Wife Down!; Chivalry Ain’t Dead

Today is weigh-in day! It took a little longer than I wanted (and that’s totally OK), but I finally hit my first weight loss goal of 100 pounds. Now… on to 120, then 170!!!

Courtney is doing amazingly as well! Big weight loss benchmark for her! She is crushing the healthy lifestyle! She is the bomb digga-digga-dee!!! Her resolve and focus is an inspiration to me.

We’ve totally got to the point where our clothes are way too big…but we still have a ways to go, so we’re hesitant to buy new ones that will be too big in 6 months to a year. Weight loss problems!!!

I’m currently reading an amazing book about chivalry and true honor, respect, and courtesy. It’s called “The Compleat Gentleman! Yes…that is how complete is spelled on the cover…not complete.

Huge life change incoming! Stay tuned!

Until the next video, have a blessed day!

~Mitch & Courtney

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