Todays Fresh Produce Haul AND Annual PhysicalUpdate (8-24-22)

Today’s fresh produce haul: Bottle gourd, Chinese okra gourd, Broccoli micro greens, okra, cantaloupe, and the best tasting cherry tomatoes I’ve ever had!

Today Courtney and I had our annual checkups, and when we were done, we went in search of a farmers market or produce stand to load up on groceries for the next few days.

We came across one of the coolest produce stands in our area… Isle Acre Farms in Leander, TX. A small mom and pop stand run by Becky and Pete. I say small because their roadside stand is barely big enough to fit under a pop-up canopy…BUT THE FARM behind the produce stand…IMPRESSIVE AND MIGHTY.

Located in the heart of town, Isle Acre Farms gardens spans a few acres at least. They had a passion for growing fresh produce for their family in an effort to promote a healthy lifestyle. It didn’t take long for their hobby of growing truly organic veggies to turn into a full time endeavor. Becky told us that in addition to growing and selling their delicious veggies, she and Pete teach folks about the benefits of fresh garden goodies! They drop healthy Lifestyle knowledge bombs people!

Courtney and I told them about our healthy lifestyle journey and how produce stands and farmers markets were our “jam”, and then we shared about our weight loss progress and how eating healthy (along with exercise) was a crucial part of our success. Pete told us he too had been “a big boy” and that once they started growing and eating fresh goodies from the garden, the pounds had no choice but to fall off. He was a pretty fit fella!

*Photo taken from the Isle Acre Farms website

To say that our trip to Isle Acre Farms was precious is an understatement. Pete and Becky were a blessing to talk to and a they had a wealth of knowledge to unpack. Courtney and I will definitely be going back to this hidden gem in the heart of Leander, Texas.


As stated earlier, Courtney and I had our annual Doctor’s visit (i.e. annual physical), and he was blown away with our progress (as were his nurses). I was down 101 pounds since the last time I was in (right when I started 75 Hard) and Courtney was down 31 pounds! There were handshakes, Oooos, and Ahhhhs all around!

Initial vitals showed my blood pressure was “perfect”, heart rate was “perfect” AND other things men over 50 get checked annually were “perfect”! We are waiting on bloodwork to discuss cutting back or eliminating blood pressure, cholesterol, and pre-diabetes meds.

Overall…a great day to be sure! I can’t wait to go back to Isle Acre Farms and I honestly can’t wait for my next health checkup!

Until next time…Have A Blessed Day!

~Mitch and Courtney

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