Healthy Lifestyle Benefits: Bloodwork; Vitals; And What Did Our Doctor Have To Say?

What up peeps?

So today…by the way, how y’all doin’? Everybody doing okay? That was just rude going straight into the video like that!

Today was a really cool day. Courtney and I both had our physicals today…or our annual checkups today. And as I said before going in 100 pounds lighter, I was curious to see how the doctor was going to react.

He was was very impressed with our weight loss and health goals. The nurses were impressed too. It was awesome

it was just a great experience overall.

My vitals were perfect. First time that’s happened in a long time. I’ve been going to that office for a long time, and that’s the lowest I’ve been, weight wise, since I’ve been going to see our current Doctor (or a doctor in that office). Before today, the least I’ve weighed there was 388 pounds.

I went in today and I weighed 346 on their scale. The last time I was in, which I had gone in my first week of 75 Hard, I was down to 447 pounds (from 450.6). So I weighed today and came in at 346 pounds…on their scale. So that was awesome. My scale shows me at 350 (on Sunday anyway). So either my scale is a little too high, or there’s a little too low. Or I’ve managed to lose four pounds in three days which ain’t good. Hopefully that’s not the case. We’ll find out this Sunday at weigh-in!

So that was cool…that was awesome sauce.

I also did my blood work today. And the Doc said that they will look at those results in the next few days and we’ll see if there’s a chance that I can stop taking my meds (I take quite a few for high blood pressure, cholesterol, and for beginning stages of diabetes) or maybe I can cut back on those. I did make sure I told him that I was taking my meds once every other day…because I had lost quite a bit of weight and I was worried that taking them would mess things up. He agreed.

That is what happened today. Awesome report from the doctor’s office.

Until the next video, have a blessed day!

~Mitch & Courtney

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