Healthy Lifestyle Update: Weigh Day For Both Of Us; Preaching At Church Today (With Help From Carly)

Today is Sunday! God’s Day (everyday is God’s day helloooooo)! Weigh-in day!

Awesome results…but in all honesty, I’m not comfortable with the amount of weight loss I had this week. Courtney is down. She’s Rocking It! So proud of her!

We are continuing to explore and research what we think God is moving us toward over the coming year. It’s going to be amazing if what we are praying through actually happens. God is so cool!

I’m blessed to have the opportunity to bring the message in church this morning! And…I’ve asked Carly (our oldest daughter) and Nick (Junior’s boyfriend…Junior is our youngest daughter) to play How Great Thou Art (Carly singing and playing piano and Nick on slide guitar).

Overall…last week was a great week. A little bit of teacher stress…but all is good.

Until the next video, have a blessed day!

~Mitch & Courtney

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