Healthy Eating Treats: GoodPop Delicious Healthy Desserts!


If you haven’t had a GoodPop frozen treat yet…stop what you’re doing, and go find a store that has them…and indulge in the awesomeness that is a GoodPop taste sensation.

GoodPop is an Austin (Texas…hellllooooo) based frozen snack company. It was started by University of Texas student Daniel Goetz. Daniel was in search of a healthy frozen snack one day and realized that his options were extremely limited. So…being a smart dude…he simply invented his own yummy health conscious frozen snack and began selling it to the good people of Central Texas.

Daniel’s first tasty treats were natural fruit based frozen desserts on a stick…BUT…it didn’t take him long to create delectable chilled sweets that now includes chocolate fudge pops, chocolate covered vanilla ice cream bars, orange and vanilla “Orange Julius” pops, and even a chocolate ice cream cookie.

Courtney and I are absolutely serious about finding and using (and making) natural foods with no processed “crap” or fake “stuff”. Typically, when looking for a low calorie frozen dessert snack, they are loaded with fake sugar substitutes and funny sounding ingredients that leave us scratching our heads. So finding GoodPops has been a blessing.

GoodPops have all natural flavors. The majority of their products are fruit flavored snacks. My favorite…the lemonade flavored pops. They take the place of the traditional “Red, White, and Blue Pops” that we grew up with. They are sweet AND tart. Perfect for a hot summer day (or a cool winter night). Even the scrumptious chocolate flavors are all natural. They use Fair Trade organic cocoa, organic coconut cream, and organic coconut sugar. No fake stuff here. And…they honestly taste good…no GREAT!

My only “complaint” (not really a complaint…but I feel like I need “con” to all the “pros”) would be the texture of the non-fruit snacks. The chocolate products do feel a bit “powdery” (or…not creamy) at first bite…but then they quickly become a smooth, creamy, dreamy, heavenly goodness as it start melting in your mouth.

GoodPop is totally aware of allergies and they ONLY produce their fruit treats in a separate production facility as to keep all ingredients and manufacturing processes free of tree nuts. The chocolate and ice cream products have their own manufacturing facility in an effort to keep the natural fruit products pure and allergy free. LOVE THAT!

These scrumptious frozen treats taste wonderful…are all natural…AND…they are very low calorie. They’re great for folks like us who are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I can’t say enough about these awesome products. I’m currently down 109 pounds (on my way to losing 170 pounds) and Courtney is down 32 pounds (at the time of this article) AND we have no doubt that these tasty treats have been a large part of our success.

The good news (aside from the nutritional value) is that they are available ALL OVER the United States.

CLICK HERE to find a local vendor near you AND start enjoying the amazingness that is GoodPop Frozen Treats!

For more on the GoodPop story…CLICK HERE!

Until next time…have a blessed day!

~ Mitch and Court

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