Healthy Eating Hack: The Awesomeness Of Cheerios (quite possibly the best snack I ever ate)!

So…you’re craving* something sweet…BUT…you don’t want the sugar or the calories. Here is an easy and healthy alternative. Chocolate Cheerios (or any generic version of Chocolate Cheerios) AND / OR Cinnamon Cheerios. You can either have a cup of them (140 calories) in a half cup of Almond milk (we prefer Blue Diamond’s Almond Breeze Unsweet Vanilla Almond Milk with 30 calories/cup) for around 155 calories…OR…eat a cup of them by themselves as a handy-dandy easy-peasy snack for around 140 calories (or munch on a half cup for around 70 calories). Either way, you appease your sweet tooth and you maintain a healthy diet.

I will be totally honest here. I am not in any way sponsored by “Cheerios” (but I’ll be happy to be) so this opinion is real y’all…CINNAMON CHEERIOS ARE THE BEST SNACK EVER!!! I typically put a half cup of these delectable sweet treats into a baggie and put it in my lunch so that I have it at work and can munch on a few when (if) I get hungry. My students are always like, “Mr. Fairchild! Why you eatin’ Cheerios without milk? That’s weird!” That doesn’t bother me at all. That just opens the door for me to talk to them about eating healthy. I’m actually eating some right now as I type this!

Please note…Cinnamon and Chocolate Cheerios (and similar chocolate “O” products) do contain sugar, AND they do contain a bit of added preservatives to give them more shelf life…but those quantities are small. It’s not enough to give me pause, and the calorie intake doesn’t hurt my nutrition levels at all (if I eat the recommended serving).

Courtney and I like to throw a cup of these delectable sweet treats (obviously without milk) into a sandwich bag when we take long trips. One serving size (1 cup) is perfect to split between the two of us. They are yummy for my tummy!!!

Until next time…have a blessed day!

~Mitch and Court

* As with any “craving”, if it’s “strong”, don’t ignore it. If you’re dying to have a cream filled donut…then eat a cream filled donut. All you have to do is add extra exercise to your day’s workout and/or adjust your calorie intake at your next meal. When we ignore our cravings they just get worse and the results could lead to us “falling off the wagon” and reverting back to our old habits and feeling defeated. Don’t let that happen. A healthy lifestyle is a lifelong process…not a one day process. That high calorie item (or meal) is not going to destroy your health goals. Eat the donut (or pizza, or chocolate cake, or whatever) and move on. No biggie!

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