Healthy Eating Yummy Hack: Low Calorie Mexican Rice Y’all

Beef Fajita Night!

We had amaze-balls #beef #fajita wraps last night, and on the side…wait for it…MEXICAN RICE Y’ALL!

Courtney whipped up an amazing Mexican rice (or Spanish rice depending on what part of the world you’re from) by mixing #cauliflower rice, a little Rotel, a bit of beef bone broth, and seasonings. OH MY GOODNESS! It was #delicious!

And as usual, our fajita wraps were made with #leftovers. I took last night’s tenderloin #steak, sliced it up, added onions, peppers, a couple of teaspoons of olive oil, seasonings, put it all in a gallon size baggie, and mixed it up. Then grilled it all until the onions were “translucent” and the meat was good and hot, then spooned some on a lettuce wrap with jalapeños, fresh guacamole, and some feta. Yummy!

Y’all gotta try this meal! It’s heavenly goodness that is low in calorie and high in taste!

Until our next video…have a blessed day!

~ Mitch & Court

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