Farmers Market Fun (9-3-22)

Farmers market are one of the most fun things about our new health centered lifestyle. Not only do they have freshly grown fruits and vegetables straight from the garden and locally sourced beef, pork, and chicken…they have tons of other stuff too.

From lavender tea to fresh hot tamales, they’ve got it! From CBD oil to locally sourced coffee, they’ve got it. From local honey straight from the beehive to freshly baked breads, cookies, and muffins, they’ve got it!

The farmers market we visited today (the Wolf Ranch Saturday FM in Georgetown, Texas) had fresh mini donuts at one vendor’s stand and straight outta the pan dumplings at another stand. It was great.

There’s also jewelry, cutlery, dog snacks, jerky (one of my favorite stands) , and of course…snow cones (or shaved ice as the kids call it today).

We love our trips to the farmers markets and produce stands in and around our home. You never know what yummy treats or gadgets you’ll find for sale there.

We hope to see y’all out and about at the farmers markets this week! If you see us…give us a holler!

Until the next video…have a blessed day!

~ Mitch and Court

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