Healthy Eating Habits: Midweek Farmers Market Haul; Hutto and Leander Texas

We had a great time shopping at the Hutto farmers market. They are open on Wednesdays 3pm – 7pm. It’s located on East street in downtown.

There weren’t too many vendors this time of year, but the vendors that were there had amazing veggies. There was a jewelry vendor, an Italian Ice truck, and some other merch sellers there as well.

We loaded up on some yummy vegetables to get us through the end of the week.

After we left Hutto, we headed over to Leander, Texas to a tiny farm right in the heart of town called Isle Acre Farms. There we picked up some radish micro greens AND MOST IMPORTANTLY…Indigo Starburst Cherry Tomatoes. Y’all! Those bad boys are amazing! Best tasting tomato ever!!!

Over all, it was a great day of gathering produce from the local farmers markets!

Until next time…have a blessed day!

~Mitch & Court

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