Healthy Eating Hack: Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Way To Cut/Eat A Watermelon! Your Kids Will Love This!

Y’all! I grew up in Luling, Texas, which…if you didn’t know…is the watermelon Capital of the world. So…I’ve eaten some watermelon in my day.

Not only have I eaten watermelon since I was weeks old…I’ve worked out in the watermelon patch picking, “chunkin’”, and loading watermelons! When I say loading…I mean loading 18 wheeler refrigerated tractor trailers full of them to be hauled to various parts of the country. It was a right of passage for most middle school aged boys back in the day.

BUT…in all that time (and the time since), I have never carved a melon like this! I saw this “method” of slicing a watermelon over on the TikToks! It’s awesome! If you have kids (of any age), they’ll love this!

I wish I could remember what account on TikTok actually had this…but thank you whoever you are. You’re brilliant!
Now! Go to your local farmers market, purchase a nice watermelon, and slice your way to a great big ol’ smile!

Until the next time….have a blessed day!

~Mitch and Courtney

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