A Little Bit Of Jesus…With A Little Bit Of Funny To Kick-Start Our Day Today!

I was blessed to be able to bring the Good News of Jesus to the amazing folks at Redemption City Church in Round Rock, Texas. I had a blast!!!

All too often we put off important things because we tell ourselves, “There’ll be tomorrow. I can take care of it then!”
I got news for you friend….we’re not guaranteed tomorrow. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Be present now…here…today. Enjoy family and friends TODAY! Enjoy life’s experiences TODAY! Be the person God wants you to be TODAY! Because we just don’t know what TOMORROW holds!

My prayer is that God reveals His awesome plans for you and that you grab His plan and live it to the fullest. Enjoying every precious moment of the life He is carving out for you…and your family!

Until next time…have a blessed day!

~Mitch and Courtney

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