Today’s Farmers Market Haul (10-15-22): Spinach And Pork Chops And Squash…Oh My! Farms And Ranches!

Today we hit another wonderful Farmers Market! We just can’t get enough!!! If you’re not buying your groceries from local farmers and ranchers, you’re missing out!

People always ask, “Aren’t the veggies, fruits and meats more expensive at the farmers market than the “regular” grocery store? A little…BUT…they don’t have preservatives, processed crap, and it’s ALL NATURAL BABY!!!

PLUS…we’re not bringing home all the chips, cookies, snack cakes, and frozen pizzas that we used to bring home from the grocery store! When you take out those stupid a$$ purchases, the cost per week is the same as shopping at the big box grocery.

OH…and the meals made with all natural farm raised vegetables and grass fed beef, humanely raised pork, and free range chickens are DELICIOUS! Seriously yummy y’all!

Healthy living is a choice. And farmers markets and roadside produce stands help make that choice an easy choice to make.

See y’all at the farmers market y’all!

Until next time…have a blessed day!

~Mitch & Courtney

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