This Weeks Farmers Market Haul (1-29-23): Veggies and Meats Abound!

This weekend’s Produce Haul.

We aren’t uploading our hauls as often as we were…but we’ve never stopped sourcing all natural vegetables, fruits, and meats. This aspect of our new and improved healthy lifestyle will never change. Healthy eating is here to stay. “Crap Foods” are HISTORY. No more processed crap or unwanted preservatives!!!

We hit one of our local farmers markets and our favorite roadside produce stand (Eli’s Roadside Produce Market). Gonna be good eating this week y’all!!!

This week we were blessed to load up on tomatoes (of course), green beans, spinach, squash, potatoes, lettuce, mushrooms, onions, as well as pork sausage, tenderloins, and pork-chops. #Yummy!!!

From the farmers market
From our favorite roadside produce stand

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