Stop Focusing On The Problem And Start Focusing on The Solution! Fix Yourself Now!

It’s easy for us to get so hyper-focused on the problems that we tend to forget that we are the key to solving them.

Being overweight is a huge problem, and all too often we get so mentally crushed (stressed, depressed, angry) by the fact that we’re obese that we stop (or never start) creating a solution (healthy eating and exercise). Ask me how I know!!! #beentheredonethat

Financial issues cause mental anguish within many American families. Not knowing where your next meal will come from because there’s no money in the bank can take a toll on us mentally…and even physically. Likewise, not being able to afford even the most basic necessities is taxing on the human psyche. Ask me how I know!!! #experience

Toxic relationships can literally freaking kill us. Living fearful of how “friends”, family, and trusted co-workers will see us (and our actions) can cause a life of stress. These people can suck the life out of us…sometimes without even realizing they’re doing it. Before we know it, we’ve become weak, afraid, and unwilling to go out in public because we’re worried about how others will treat us. #smh

Even in our “darkest hours” (p.s. typically what we perceive as our “darkest hour” is never truly as bad as we think) there is hope!

First, we need to understand that adversity is natural. The Bible speaks to this.

Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. ~James 1:2-4

In other words, problems are going to plague us throughout our lifetime. But God tells us that if we allow ourselves to learn from our problems…trusting that Christ has our back and that He will give us the strategy (method, answer, solution) to overcome our problem, we will grow stronger. We will learn resolve (steadfastness) and through the process of overcoming problems, we will develop skills that will not only help us get better personally but help others as we go. We’ll be lacking in nothing as James says.

I love that James tells us to “Count it all joy” when problems arise. It wasn’t until I started down the path of living a healthier life that I understood this passage. At the beginning of my health journey life was HARD!!! Literally…I was doing 75 HARD! Those first 75 days of the Live Hard Program were brutal. Especially for a fat boy who hadn’t really “worked out” for over 25 years. I was sore in more places on my body than I’d care to go into detail about. (Crotch Rot is a real thang!)

But as I continued striving to get better (solve my problem of obesity) my body started to adjust and working out got a lot easier. Then, as I started adding in additional workout routines, I actually started getting excited about the thought of contouring another exercise. Even though I knew it would be hard (and painful) I hungered (and still do) for the experience. And each time I learned and implemented a new exercise, I found satisfaction in knowing I was making my life better. Conquest by conquest.

I began to realize that I WAS THE SOLUTION TO MY OWN PROBLEM. I was the reason I was fat and unhealthy…and I was going to be the reason I got healthy and lost weight! Please note, weight loss was an initial focus, but my experience through Andy Frisella’s 75 Hard program brought me so much more. A complete mental shift. I still lack knowledge…but I’m lacking a lot less than I did before I started my health journey.

Bottom Line Y’all…

We can’t focus on the “bad things” that happen to us. That will just keep us stuck in the hell hole we currently find ourselves. We must shift our focus from the problem to the solution. AND WE ARE THE SOLUTION!

WE are the only ones who can make us get off our butts and start exercising!

WE are the only ones who can find a better job (or second job)!

WE are the only ones who can cut ties with worthless people in our life!


#burntheships #pivotthenliveit #wearethesolution #iamthesolution #fixyourself

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