The Importance Of Visualization And The Impact It Can Have On Your Success

I hear personal development coaches and motivational speakers talk about how visualization can bring you and the universe into alignment (whatever that means) and that just by visualizing your future, you can make it happen.


I truly believe that self-visualization is important, but not because it magically aligns my mission with the universe.

First off, God is the center of my universe and He can do any…and all things. My visualization practices aren’t going to make Him give me what it is I want. That’s “stinkin’ thinkin’” right there y’all.

Secondly, visualization isn’t a “wishing process” where I keep wishing for something to happen and it magically comes to fruition. Some people will actually try to make you believe that…that’s crap!

Visualization is a great tool that allows us to form the strategy we need to complete a task or conquer a milestone that we’ve set for ourselves.

If we want to get healthy, we don’t just sit in a chair and think about what our life would look like if we were 10, 50, or 100 pounds lighter. No! We sit in that chair and visualize the steps we take to reach our desired weight and lifestyle. Then, we start living out those steps we produce in our minds while visualizing.

This is a constant process (and a process I’ve used on my health journey) that takes place daily. We have to continually see ourselves where we want to be in a month, a year, and five years from now. As we visualize that outcome, we are continually creating the steps and processes that will go into completing that task or milestone.

So I want to encourage you to find a nice quiet spot in your home (where you won’t be interrupted) and visit that spot each day for at least 5-10 minutes and visualize what it is you want to accomplish. Give yourself a time frame to accomplish that milestone. And begin seeing yourself successfully accomplishing that milestone. As you see yourself succeeding, begin to work backward and visualize the steps it took to reach your milestone.

Now, go and perform those tasks you’ve visualized yourself doing to crush whatever milestone you’ve set for yourself. Be it a health milestone, business milestone, relationship milestone, or whatever.

Don’t be afraid to change those steps along the way. If you visualize a process or strategy and you see that it is not as valuable a concept as you thought it would be…scrap it and visualize a new strategy.

Bottom Line Y’all…

We must perpetually visualize our future selves better (more efficient, productive, and impactful) than we are right now. We must continuously improve ourselves! God needs us to be at our peak performance level…and as we improve, we constantly redefine what it means to be “our optimal self”!

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