Produce Stand Haul (3-25-23): Tomatoes, Dog Treats, and Squash Oh My!

🍅🌽🥜 Fresh produce alert! We stopped by Eli’s Roadside Produce and picked up some amazing goodies, including juicy tomatoes, crispy squash, and delicious in-shell peanuts. If you’re looking for top-quality, locally-grown produce, Eli’s is definitely the place to go! Plus, Eli and Joel…and charming atmosphere…make the shopping experience even more enjoyable. Don’t miss out on the chance to support a local business and stock up on the freshest produce around.

5230 US-79 Round Rock, TX 78664

#Eli’sRoadsideProduce #FreshProduce #LocalBusiness #SupportLocal #Tomatoes #Squash #InShellPeanuts #HealthyEating #FarmFresh

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