75 Hard Phase 2…DONE!

Friday was the last day of 75H Phase 2 for me. Overall it was a great experience. I’ve started adding more weights, and I’m introducing the stationary bike to my cardio regimen.

For those not familiar with Phase 2 of the 75 Hard Program, It is identical to the initial stage of 75 Hard, but instead of 75 days, you perform the tasks for 30 days. The DAILY TASKS you must complete are: two 45-minute workouts a day (one has to be outside); follow a diet; drink a gallon of water; read 10 pages of a personal development book; no alcohol; take a daily progress picture of yourself; and NO CHEATING!

This round was actually pretty easy. My mind and body have grown accustomed to the workouts and diet…so this phase was pretty much a piece of cake. The only problem I had was reminding myself to enter the completed tasks on the 75H app (which is not a requirement). There were 3-4 days when I woke up to find Andy on the app with his arms crossed making me swear I had completed the tasks (which I had) and that I wasn’t cheating myself (which I wasn’t).

I started Phase 2 wanting to read the book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. It was a great choice. I believe everyone should read this book. It has so many great strategies for life! From communication tactics to continuous improvement methods. This book is a great resource for anyone wanting to make life better!

Going into Phase 2, I decided to up my calorie count. At this stage, I’m really not as focused on weight loss as I am on getting healthier. With that being said, I still lost weight…but not intentionally. I’m working on building lean muscle (as opposed to bulk). IF (when) the “zombies” attack, I want to be ready. I’m targeting more protein intake.

I am also preparing for a major mountain bike ride in July (more about that later), so I’ve been slowly adding in stationary bike workouts instead of walking for cardio. My butt hurts y’all!

Water intake was on point. I would have thought that my body would have adjusted to the amount of fluids I’m taking in…but no such luck. I’m doing the pee-pee dance all the time. My progress selfie is second nature at this point…no problems there. And I really don’t miss the alcohol. Since starting the overall “Live Hard Program” (the yearlong program that kicks off with 75 Hard), I’ve had maybe 4 adult beverages…maybe.

With reference to weight loss, after completing Phase 2, I’m down to 264.8 pounds. I started the 30-day phase at 271.2. Again, I’m not trying to lose weight…it’s simply a byproduct at this point. Overall, I’m down 185.8 pounds since starting my health journey on May 15, 2022 (10 1/2 months ago).

Bottom Line Y’all…

I’ve now got 15 days off before starting the final stage of the Live Hard Program (Phase 3). It has been challenging, HARD, difficult…but a complete blessing and the catalyst for a new healthy lifestyle. Bring on the next Phase!

Make sure to follow this blog for more on this life-changing journey. Blessings y’all!


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