Stop Staring At The Closed Door And Go Find One That Is Open!

In life, we often find ourselves stuck in situations where things don’t seem to go as planned. It’s common to feel frustrated and defeated when we’re faced with a closed door, but it’s important to remember that there’s always an open one waiting for us.

For years I sat in my favorite recliner or laid on my worn-out couch, eating chips, candy, and french fries while sucking down a sugary drink, and thought, “Man! I can’t believe how fat and out of shape I’ve gotten!” Sadly, the next day I’d find myself on the same couch thinking the same thing! Before I knew it, 25 years had passed by and I hadn’t changed AT ALL. Well…that’s not totally true. I continued to gain weight every day! I was fixated on all that was wrong in my life, and I chose not to look for a “way out.”

It happens to the best of us! But…what do we do when we finally realize we are in this position?

Instead of fixating on what’s not working or what we’ve lost, it’s time to shift our focus toward finding new opportunities and taking action toward a better future. This can be done by adopting a positive attitude, being open to new experiences, and learning to adapt to change.

One of the key things we can do is to stop staring at the closed door and start actively seeking out new opportunities. This could mean exploring new career paths, networking with like-minded individuals, or taking on new hobbies and interests that align with our passions.

It’s also important to remember that our journey toward a better life is not a linear path, and setbacks and obstacles are to be expected. Rather than viewing these challenges as roadblocks, we should approach them as learning opportunities and use them as a chance to grow and improve.

Another crucial aspect of living a better life is to surround ourselves with positive influences. This could mean seeking out supportive friends and family members, finding a mentor, or even turning to online communities that share our goals and values.

Bottom Line Y’all…

Living a better life requires us to take action and make the most of the opportunities that come our way. By focusing on what’s possible rather than what’s not, we can find the open doors that lead us toward a brighter future. So let’s stop staring at the closed door and go find one that is open – our journey towards a better life awaits.

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