Hey Teachers! Use This Summer To Reconnect!

As teachers, we have the privilege of enjoying a much-needed break during the summer months. This time away from the stresses of the classroom provides us with an opportunity to reconnect with the things in our life that are truly important. While many of us may be tempted to simply relax and enjoy our time off, it’s essential that we use these months to reconnect to, and focus on, our physical and mental health, as well as our relationships with loved ones and our faith.

Reconnect With Our Body and Mind!

Taking care of our physical and mental health is crucial for teachers, as it directly impacts our overall well-being and our ability to perform well in the classroom. Teachers are often under immense pressure to meet the demands of the job, including long hours, lesson planning, grading, and dealing with challenging students and parents. This can lead to stress, anxiety, burnout, and even physical health problems.

Last year, I made a choice to start 75 Hard at the end of the school year. I wanted the summer months to be a catalyst for what has become a new and improved me…a healthy lifestyle that has been an amazing achievement…both physically and mentally. Healthy eating habits as well as fitness routines have been set in place for good, and that could not have happened without that 2 month long section of time that allowed me to properly kick off my health and wellness journey.

During the summer break, teachers have an excellent opportunity to prioritize their physical health. Regular exercise is essential for maintaining good health, and it can be a great stress reliever. Exercise releases endorphins, which are natural mood boosters that can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Additionally, exercise can help increase energy levels, improve sleep quality, and reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

Eating a healthy and balanced diet is also crucial for maintaining good health. During the school year, teachers may not have time to prioritize healthy eating, but the summer months provide an opportunity to establish healthy eating habits. Eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains can provide essential nutrients that our bodies need to function properly. Additionally, staying hydrated by drinking enough water throughout the day can help maintain optimal physical health.

Mental health is equally important to physical health, and it’s essential to prioritize our mental well-being during the summer break. Teaching can be emotionally taxing, and teachers may experience stress, anxiety, and burnout as a result. Activities such as meditation, mindfulness, and therapy can be helpful in promoting mental health and reducing stress. These activities can help us develop coping mechanisms, reduce negative thoughts and emotions, and increase our overall resilience.

Taking care of our physical and mental health during the summer break is essential for teachers. Prioritizing our health through regular exercise, healthy eating, and mental health practices can help us feel better physically and mentally, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase our overall well-being. By taking care of ourselves during the summer break, we can return to the classroom feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to meet the challenges of a new school year.

Reconnect With Family and Friends

In addition to focusing on our own health, it’s also important to use this time to strengthen our relationships with family and friends. As teachers, we understand the importance of building relationships with our students, but it’s just as important to prioritize our relationships with our loved ones. Teaching is a demanding profession that often requires us to work long hours, grade papers on weekends, and attend school events in the evenings. These demands can make it difficult to find time to invest in our relationships with family and friends during the school year.

Last summer when we started our healthy journey, we were blessed to have the opportunity to spend time with our daughters. Getting reacquainted after months of focusing on classroom issues and curriculum development. We were able to hang out with our daughters (and their boyfriends) and reconnect with them. Catch up on what we’d missed during the “busy months”. We were also blessed to have them join us on a couple of trips to the park to work out and the gym to lift. It was truly a blessing!

During the summer break, we have the opportunity to refocus on our relationships with loved ones. Spending quality time with family and friends can help us recharge our batteries and remind us of the things that truly matter in life. Whether it’s going on a vacation, taking a day trip, or simply spending time together at home, making time for our loved ones is crucial for maintaining healthy relationships.

Spending time with family and friends can also have a positive impact on our mental health. Studies have shown that social support is an essential component of mental well-being. Having a strong support system can help us manage stress, reduce anxiety and depression, and increase our overall happiness.

In addition to nurturing existing relationships, the summer break can also provide an opportunity to build new relationships. Whether it’s joining a club or organization, attending a networking event, or simply striking up a conversation with someone new, building new relationships can be an enriching experience that can add value to our lives.

It’s important to remember that relationships take work, and we need to invest time and effort into them to make them thrive. As teachers, we have the privilege of having summers off, which provides us with a perfect opportunity to prioritize our relationships with loved ones. By making an effort to spend quality time with family and friends, we can strengthen our bonds and cultivate deeper, more meaningful relationships.

Reconnect With Our Faith

For many teachers, faith is an essential part of our lives, providing us with a source of strength and guidance in both good times and bad. As we work to nurture the minds and hearts of our students, it’s important that we also take the time to nurture our own faith, and a great time to reconnect with God is during the summer months.

When I started 75 Hard last year, I intentionally chose to read books (a large foundational part of 75 Hard…and Live Hard…is reading…learning from others how to be better) that talked about the man’s role in the family, the community, and God’s great plan. The reading, and learning, have been more rewarding than the weight loss…being real right now! I’ve grown more in my faith over the past 12 months than I ever have…and I was a preacher. Those initial summer months help instill the intentional reconnecting with God that I needed to catapult my overall health and wellness mindset. It’s been amazing y’all!

During the school year, it can be difficult to prioritize our faith amidst the demands of our jobs and personal lives. However, the summer break provides us with an opportunity to refocus on our spiritual well-being. By taking time to deepen our relationship with Jesus Christ, we can grow in our faith and find the peace and strength we need to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

One way to deepen our relationship with Jesus Christ is through daily Bible reading and prayer. Spending time in prayer and reflection each day can help us feel more connected to God and gain a deeper understanding of His teachings. We can also use this time to meditate on the lessons we’ve learned over the past year and seek guidance for the challenges that lie ahead.

In addition to daily prayer and Bible reading, we can also use the summer months to minister to those in need. Whether it’s through volunteering at a local charity, participating in a mission trip, or simply reaching out to those in our community who may be struggling, serving others can be a powerful way to deepen our connection with God and live out His teachings in our daily lives.

Finally, attending church services can also be a meaningful way to deepen our faith during the summer months. By participating in worship services, we can connect with other believers and find support and encouragement from our fellow Christians. This can be especially important for teachers who may feel isolated during the school year due to the demands of their jobs.

As teachers, we have a unique opportunity to use the summer months to deepen our relationship with our Heavenly Father. By prioritizing our faith through daily prayer and Bible reading, ministering to those in need, and attending church services, we can grow in our faith and find the strength and guidance we need to be effective teachers and positive influences in our communities.

Bottom Line Y’all…

Ecclesiastes 3:1 tells us, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” This verse reminds us that there is a time and a season for everything in our lives, including taking time to rest and recharge. By using the summer months to prioritize our physical and mental health, invest in our relationships, and deepen our relationship with God, we can ensure that we are ready and equipped for the upcoming school year

The summer months provide us teachers with a unique opportunity to prioritize our physical and mental health, invest in our relationships with loved ones, and deepen our relationship with God. As we use this time off wisely, we’ll be better equipped to face the challenges of the upcoming school year with energy, enthusiasm, and a renewed sense of purpose. So make the most of your summer, and invest in yourself, your loved ones, and your faith.

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