Healthy Lifestyle Vibes: Tried A New Farmers Market; Smoking Sausage; Grass Fed Beef; and Tomatoes

We had a great time at the Farmers Markets today. We hit one in Round Rock, one in Georgetown, and one in Leander. You can always count on somebody having a farmers market or produce stand open on any given Saturday here in Texas.

We were on the search for fresh link sausage to smoke on the pit for a party we’re having Tuesday. To be more specific, we were looking for Cheddar Jalapeño Sausage AND we were also looking for a Garlic Sausage that is a wonderful pork / beef blend.

We get both of these from 2 separate suppliers. The cheddar jalapeño links come from a ranch in Georgetown, Texas called Edamie Ranch. They have amazing meats! And the garlic pork/beef links come from a ranch / farm in Killeen, Texas called Big Blue Sky Farms. They are an amazing complete supplier because we get tons of meat from them, but also fruits and veggies as well. We spent a lot of time trying out locally sourced meat vendors and these two are tops in our book!

We also decided to seek out a new farmers market to try. We landed on the Old Town Leander Farmers Market at Smooth Village in Leander, Texas. The had one vendor who had a ton of locally grown fruits and vegetables AND the sourced some of their produce from a fellow supplier in The Texas Valley region. That was pretty much it for produce. The F/M did have a vendor selling meat…but we had already loaded up, so we didn’t try any of his products…next time we will.

The little market also had a ton of food trucks (one being a full bar) and clothing, jewelry, and other product vendors as well.

Overall it was a great day of grocery shopping!

Until next time, have a blessed day!
~Mitch and Courtney

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It is Saturday so that means it is shopping day…grocery shopping day. So we are going out to our “regular” farmers markets then we want to try a third…one one we’ve never been to before. Courtney is in Ross right now looking for a blouse. But when she comes out she will look and see what local farmers markets there are that we haven’t tried yet. Just for to throw in some something different.

But today…we have a party on Tuesday. So I’m smoking a brisket and some turkey and some sausage for that party. And what we’re looking for today…two things we’re looking for…one of our meat suppliers, Edamie, (you’re awesome) in Georgetown…. they have this amazing cheddar, jalapeno sausage.

Oh my gosh is the bee’s knees. It’s amazing.

All natural grass fed up until the cows get processed.harvested as we like to say

So they have a really good product. It’s amazing.

And then we will go to a different farmers market for our second supplier, Big Blue Sky Ranch…which is phenomenal. They have a phenomenal product and they have a sausage that’s a garlic beef pork mix. Oh my goodness! It’s amazing. So we’re gonna get some we’ll have for the party available for those to eat.

We will have cheddar jalapeno and we will have garlic so people who are there will have options… both are amazing.

And again, they’re both all natural grass fed till the pay of processing so good stuff, man good stuff!

And of course, we’re buying tomatoes. People always ask, “Mitch, why do you eat saline tomatoes?”

My question is, “Why don’t you eat so many tomatoes?”

If you don’t eat tomatoes? Can I trust you? Can I really trust you don’t eat tomatoes. Tomatoes are the bee’s knees are they fruit? Are they a vegetable? They’re mysterious! They’re awesome. They’re amazing!

You put a little bit salt, Cayenne, and a little pepper on them…mmmmmm!

Now some of y’all just heard “sodium”and you’re like, Mitch’s sodium level is going through the roof.


But my test said no. Doctor test said no. I’m using all the right amounts.

So I will get some footage of our trip today. And then we’ll see the farmers Haul at the very end of this video.

So, until next time, have a blessed day. Peace!

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