Healthy Eating Starts With Weekly Meal Planning

A great way to stay on track, when it comes to healthy eating, is to meal plan for the week.

It’s real easy to “slip” when it comes to eating healthy. One of the main reasons we trip up is because we haven’t planned out what it is we’re going to eat for the day. When we don’t have a plan (a battle plan) that show exactly what we intend to eat for each specific day…then when dinner rolls around and we stress about cooking dinner…we cave and order the large pizza for two (or one).

A great way to “win the battle” against junk food and overeating is to have a battle plan. Know exactly what meats, vegetables, and fruits you’re going to eat each day. That way you’re less likely to give into temptation (convince). You can buy a $1 spiral from the dollar store OR purchase a fancy daily planner from Amazon. Either way…start planning. You, and your diet, will be glad you did.

In addition, when we plan our meals for the week, we are able to better plan our budget. With the cost of groceries (and fuel…and living…and…) going up, it helps to be able to forecast what our food costs will be.

Much like anything, it helps to know what the future holds so we can better prepare. And when it comes to eating healthy…knowing what our weekly meals are going to be, will greatly help us succeed at our fitness and nutrition goals


Mitch and Courtney

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